Anya Brimgold


Anya Brimgold is the daughter of renowned General Larko Brimgold and Alina Brimgold. Born into her rich family on Septio 3rd (Insert date) her early years provided her with access to the finer things in life. At the same time her father being a military leader had her trained in combat skills from a young age, thus kind of countering out her privileged upbringing. Anya is fifth and youngest child of Larko while being only the 2nd child Alina has bore.

Growing up on the Brimgold estate on the outskirts of Dardrek, Anya had hard time finding interesting material for her favorite hobby, reading. However, whenever traders came to the deep cavernous town selling tomes she would spend all her money on purchasing as many as she could afford. One of those books was written by the Duergar. Hated enemies of the Dwarves of Mallica for as long as they can remember. The book claimed the Dwarves are really just half-breed Duergar and humans. This is generally an unpopular opinion among dwarves, but to Anya it seemed to make sense. Unfortunately, it was this belief that got her kicked out from her family.

Shamed Anya left her family, began living on the streets of Vellustor. It was there where she made an unlikely friend in the Uruk owner of the local Library. His name was Pharod and he was a devout follower of Mentellion. He housed her in the library for several years. .

Anya Brimgold

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