Marillion (City)

Marillion is the capitol of Mallica United. Its name is derived from the name of a the mountain it was carved out of. Mount Marillion was unusual, it was a single mountain looming over the vast plains of the region. It was said that long ago a power dragon used to liver there, however there is speculation if this was fact or fiction

It was originally part of a small unaligned nation known as Crast. As Shang Hon gathered it armies conquering other local nations. This Shang Hon had become stronger than any of the kingdoms of men, dwarves, eldan and elves. A union was formed to unite all the other kingdoms on the continent. The treaty for this union was held in Crast, a nation that thrived on trade from all the other kingdoms, and thusly the most neutral of them all. The treaty resorted in the foundation of Mallica United.

Construction of Marillion began 195 years ago. One year after Ian Benante abolished the monarchies in the kingdoms of men. The now solidified Triarchy celebrated their peace with creating a new city for them using the combined skills and artisans of all three races.

After the war, the leaders of the new nation decided to build a city in Crast where the treaty was signed. All of the cultures add their inputs

Districts of Marillion

The Palace of Three

This massive structure is built out stone, a beautiful collage of Elven, Dwarven and Human Masonry, It has massive to door which is the entrance to the structure. Three tower raise looking like they touch the heavens. The Door has intricate vine work on its think wooden frame. 9 guards, 3 human’s 3 elves and 2 dwarves guard the door. As you approach they wordlessly let you in.

Sky Window (Where the Cosmic Crusaders main guild house is.)
Gem District
South Market
West Fort (Were Mallican Millitary command is and where the Cathedral of Unova)
The Commons
Earth Route Entrance.

Marillion (City)

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